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SN 500
Property Unit Test Method Specification
Appearance Visual C & B
Color ASTM D-1500 MAX 2.5
Density at 15°C(Typical) Kg/m² ASTM D-4052 893
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C (Typical) mm²/s (cSt) ASTM D-7042 108
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C mm²/s (cSt)  ASTM D-7042 Min 10.8
Viscosity index  ASTM D-2270 Min 87
Flash point °C ASTM D-92 Min 235
Pour point °C ASTM D-5950 Max -3
Noack at 250°C wt % ASTM D-5800 Max 5
SN 150
Test ASTM Result
Kin.viscosity@100°C(c.St) D-7042 5-6
Kin.viscosity@40°C(c.St) D-7042 TBR
Viscosity Index (min)  D-2270 105
Density@ 15°C D-4052  TBR
Pour point (°C)(max) D-5950 -6
Flash point (°C)(min) D-92 210
TAN (max) D-664 0.05
Noack (max) D-5800 15% wt
Property Unit Test Method Specification
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C (Typical) mm²/s (cSt) ASTM D-7042 4.8
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C (Typical) mm²/s (cSt) ASTM D-7042 25
Viscosity index (VI),(Typical) ASTM D-2270 112
Density at 15.6°C(Typical) Kg/m³ ASTM D-4052 846.8
Flash point (min) °C ASTM D-92 210
Pour point (max) °C ASTM D-5950 -9
TAN (Typical) mg KOH/gr ASTM D-664 0.03
Sulphur content (Typical) ppm ASTM D-5453 300
Noack (Typical) W% ASTM D-5800 15
Percent saturates (Typical) W% SARA analysis 98
Percent aromatics (Typical) W% SARA analysis 2
Percent water (max) W% ASTM D-6304 Nill
Foam (Typical) ASTM D-892 100/0,50/0,100/0
Carbon residue (max) W% ASTM D-189 0.05
Color (Typical) ASTM D-1500 0.1
CCS @ -25°C (Typical) mPa.s ASTM D-5293 1620

Base Oil

Base oil is produced by means of refining crude oil

Base oil is produced by means of refining crude oil. This means that crude oil is heated in order that various distillates can be separated from one another. During the heating process, light and heavy hydrocarbons are separated – the light ones can be refined to make petrol and other fuels, while the heavier ones are suitable for bitumen and base oils.

The characteristics of base oils determine their function and reliability. A superior mineral oil requires the best refining processes while the objective of synthetic oil is to achieve properties that are not achievable in mineral oils. Each base oil serves a different purpose, not every function can be ideally served using a single type of base oil.

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